As a baby boomer, I am in touch with the lifestyle needs of those in the over 50 category. By choosing to obtain the Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) Designation it means that I respect older individuals, communicate effectively by listening thoroughly to what they want, asking the right questions, and have a deep desire to learn more about their vision of the future. And I’ve made it a key part of my business to know how best to help you and your family during your upcoming changes.

Surveys show that the primary motive for people over fifty in selling their current home and looking for another is that they want to downsize. Their home of many years has become a burden to them for any number of reasons. This is often a very stressful time dealing with moving after spending so many years in their home. And the stress can be felt by any family members involved, including children and grandchildren.

As an SRES® realtor, my team and I enjoy working with seniors and understand the situations they face. We are fully able to offer guidance and can present all available options so that the outcome suits their needs. Meetings are conducted in a way that makes seniors feel comfortable and encourages them to ask questions. While the amount of information you have to absorb may seem overwhelming, we will never, ever rush you.

If you feel it’s time to determine the next step, whether you are a senior or a family member trying to figure it all out, call us at (770) 528-9655 or (404) 630-2985. You can put your trust in the SRES® agents at Deon L. Cannon & Associates ReMax Pure. We would be pleased to help you review your current status and create a customized step-by-step plan that makes you feel comfortable with your future.