Beasley Drug Company has been a family owned and operated pharmacy in Olde Town Conyers since 1934. Ralph Desmond Beasley, the “Original Beasley”, opened the pharmacy during the Great Depression, when communities were tight knit and brought together by the hardships they faced and overcame.

Through the years, people stopped by on their way to and from The Depot. This family-friendly pharmacy survived and began to thrive as the industrial area grew.

Beasley owned the pharmacy until his death in 1972. Beasley’s is now run by Ralph’s granddaughter Ora Bailey and her husband Jacob Bailey. Ora was born and raised in Olde Town, where she frequented the drug store throughout her youth. Family time and community are important for Ora and Jacob. They continue the tradition of friendly, personalized service. They build community relationships not only in the pharmacy but also through various community projects and by being staunch supports of local business.

Steve’s experience is like many, “Excellent hometown pharmacy – Ora believes in customer service. That is what keeps it alive. Good lunch counter. About as close as you can get to the good ole days.”

The pharmacy is about values and personal contact. It’s about tradition and memories. Locals gather at Beasley’s and tell stories, like that of the torch being carried through Olde Town during the 1996 Olympic Games.

Nothing beats the experience of a real soda fountain. Kids would ride their bicycles to Beasley’s for an ice cream float. High school sweethearts would hang out at the soda fountain. If anyone was anybody, they would eventually make it to the Soda Fountain Counter.

Whether you want to take a step back in time or crave a break from your busy day, Beasley’s is a simple spot with a lot of history and charm!

Beasley Drug Company, 933 Center St in Olde Town Conyers, 770-483-7211,